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4 Benefits of Living In The Suburbs

If you’re looking to build a new house, there’s a very good chance that you won’t be doing so in an established city neighborhood (unless you plan on doing some home demolition). Even though you won’t be able to live in that historic city district, there are a lot of benefits of suburban living over city life. In this piece, we’ll look at some benefits of suburban living that may make your city friends a touch jealous.

1. Traffic? What traffic?

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If you’ve ever lived in a medium-to-large city for any time, you had to factor in the amount of time you’ll likely have to sit in traffic. In the United States’ largest cities, residents can expect to spend anywhere between 54 hours (Dallas, TX) to 102 hours (Los Angeles, CA) in traffic a year. While you still may commute into the city for work if you live in the suburbs, getting around is a breeze by comparison with little to no traffic.

2. Suburbs have never been more convenient.

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Once upon a time, the biggest argument against living in the suburbs was the lack of convenient access to everything from big box retails to movie theatres and beyond. These days, shopping centers have popped up in almost every suburban location, putting you in closer reach of just about anything you’d want. Even if you can’t find some specific items in town, that’s what Amazon is for, right?

3. The suburbs are much quieter by comparison.

woman enjoying peace and quiet

Cities are noisy. Whether it’s first responder sirens, traffic, nightlife, or construction, the volume of the average urban area clocks in at just around 75.4 dBA. That is the equivalent of a person speaking loudly at you 24 hours a day. Lacking the traffic, perpetual sirens, and usually having natural sound-dampening elements, suburban life is significantly quieter. In fact, many who move from the city to the suburbs frequently report having to get used to just how quiet their new neighborhood is.

4. You can live in the house you want.

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In many cities, especially in historic neighborhoods, houses can be very expensive. Not only are these houses pricey, but they were rarely built by the people living in them. Most of the people living in the city sacrifice some features they want in order to live in the city. Alternatively, when you build a home in the suburbs, you can often design it precisely to your specifications. From the landscaping to the home layout to all of the details, building a new home in a developing suburban community allows you to have a house that is uniquely you. In order to learn more about this process, reach out to the custom home builders from Perry Hood Properties