old rusty space heater

4 Home Owner Fall & Winter Safety Tips

That brisk bite in the morning air can be a welcomed guest as the fall rolls in, but should also prompt us to stay safe when using different forms of indoor heating. The following are a few tips to help keep your family safe in your home this fall and winter season.

1. Check Your Heater For Safe Operation

If you haven’t kicked on your heater this season yet only for that fun burned smell on the first day, the days until you do are probably numbered. Even if you already have or you’re about to, it pays to check out the working condition of any heater for safe operation. If any components seem to function oddly or cause any particular smells out of the usual, notify a certified heat and air specialist. Also, make sure to change out the filters in any forced-air systems to keep your home fresh and safe.

2. Exercise Space Heater Safety

Sometimes, there’s nothing quite like a strategically-located space heater just to keep your toeies toasty or to keep a garage warm while working. Though this is true, the improper use of a space heater can result in tripped breaker switches, blown fuses, or even fires. Inspect your space heater’s power cables for any damage. If any damage is spotted, the space heater should not be used until professionally repaired. Also, never leave space heaters running when they’re out of sight and never use extension cords, as they are not equipped to handle the kind of power required by space heaters. Exercising intense space heater safety is the key to a safe winter. 

3. Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Smoke Detectors

The more sources of heat inside also mean the increased chance of either a carbon monoxide leak or fire from a faulty heater or fireplace. Change out the batteries for both of these devices, test them using the appropriate buttons, and make sure they are both appropriately located in your home.

4. Make Sure the Outside Of Your Home Isn’t a Slipping Hazard

As the temperatures begin to cool outside, there is an increased chance of slipping on ice and other moisture outside of your home. Make regular checks of your property to spot ice and slippery services where they may appear. Treat hazardous areas with salt to melt the ice for a safe pathway.

For some, fall and winter are definitely the most wonderful times of the year and they can be for your family with these helpful tips for the winter homeowner. What other tips would you add to our list?