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6 Things to Know Before Buying Carpet

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Even though carpet is falling out of style to hardwoods or laminates, it is still a common flooring choice. Let’s take a look at some helpful bits of information to have before you go buy carpet. 

1. Don’t buy the highest quality. 

It sounds counterintuitive, but if you’re buying the highest quality carpet, it is likely the most expensive carpet. Will it last? Absolutely, but the issue is that it will probably go out of style before it wears out. You’ll likely want to change it out before it wears out because it will be badly dated. If you buy a carpet whose quality is going to age as fast as its style, you’ll be spending your money more wisely. 

2. Looking up close or outside is useless. 

When you’re shopping for carpet, there’s no sense in either looking at the details intensely up close or in natural light. Your carpet will be mostly illuminated by artificial light, which will ultimately change its color. Unless you love to lay on the floor, you probably won’t see your carpet up close after it is installed. The best way to get a feel for the color and look of carpet is by leaving a sample on the floor in your house and seeing how it looks from a distance. 

3. Don’t skimp on the padding. 

The padding is not only one of the most significant indicators of carpet comfort, but it is also one of the cheapest aspects of the carpeting experience. If you’re already saving money by buying a medium quality fashionable carpet, you can likely afford to splurge on the padding just a little bit more. Your feet will thank you later. 

4. The claim of “invisible seams” is oversold. 

Many carpet installation companies will guarantee installation with invisible seams. They will claim that their techniques will remove the appearance of seams no matter what. Well, there’s no real way to guarantee this until the contractor visits the installation site. Any carpet installation professional worth they salt will do their best to hide the seams in your carpet but know that there’s no guarantee of invisible seams — especially as the carpet ages. 

5. Save money by doing some work yourself. 

Much of the carpet installation process requires the careful work of a professional, but some of it doesn’t. If you pay someone else to rip out the old carpet or to move the furniture in the room, you may be paying a highly-skilled professional to do what you or another family member can do. Pulling out old carpet isn’t a complicated process and moving furniture requires a good back. 

6. Buy local. You’ll likely get better deals and service. 

When shopping for carpet, start with the smaller independent carpet stores. You will notice that they are much more eager to earn your business. In addition to increased price negotiating power than a chain store will have, you will also likely receive better service. They want you to be happy with your experience so you will return to them or recommend them to your friends. 

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