3D home designer

Designing a Home Made Easy With Higharc

Designing or even customizing a home by yourself used to be nearly impossible. In order to make the process easier and, dare we say, fun, Higharc uses a robust online 3D designer to make it possible.

Unless you’re in the hands of an experienced design-build home construction company, designing your dream home required quite the learning curve. Even if you had a general idea of what you wanted, knowing how much your design would cost would still remain a mystery. A new online 3D home design service called Higharc will be allowing users to customize the home of their dreams to begin planning to build.

So, how does it work?

Step 1: Sign up and make a profile. Upon signing up, you will be asked a variety of simple questions. What kind of square footage do you want? What do you like to use your home for? What kind of special features would you like?

Step 2: Selecting a style and budget. Taking your previous answers into consideration, you will be asked what style you prefer as well as home much you can spend. The system will keep these factors in mind going forward.

Step 3: Tweak your design. Once the main aspects of your home design are established, you can customize your creation.

Step 4: Making sure your home is financially realistic. One of the advantages Higharc has in comparison to many other virtual home builders is its ability to give you an estimate of home much your design would cost if built. This allows users to consider if that extra add-on is realistic or if it would put them over budget. Crunching the numbers has never been this simple.

As of the publishing of this article, Higharc is not yet functional. However, they are taking early signups for their service.

If you’d prefer to simply consult a home building specialist, the experienced professionals from Perry Hood Properties can provide a very similar custom home design and build experience.