Mastering Long-Distance House Hunting

Buying your most expensive asset is hard enough when you have the opportunity to see the house in person. Put a few hundred or even a few thousand miles between you and the houses you’re interested in, and this equation becomes a lot more complicated. To get the perfect house when you’re shopping remotely, it’s important to have a game plan and know what you’re up against.

You’re Buying More Than a House

It’s not hard to find lots of photos or even videos of houses you’re interested in. While this will give you a good idea of the house itself, house hunting needs to consider more than just the appearance and layout of the home. Factors like local crime rates, proximity to dining and entertainment, and the quality of schools should also be in your research checklist. Even if some of those factors aren’t important to you, they’ll likely be important to other buyers when it comes time to resell the home.

Do You Want it or Need it?

Knowing the difference between what you want and what you need will serve you very well when house hunting long distance. Start by looking at a few homes in the area you’re looking at so you know what’s available, and then make a list of all your desired features. Once you have that list you can prioritize it by features you absolutely need and features that would be nice to have.

Plan a Trip

You won’t always have the opportunity to see your top 5 or so favorite homes before you buy; sometimes buying sight unseen is unavoidable. However, planning a trip to see the houses that made the final cut is ideal. Assuming schedules allow for this, be sure to add the price of travel (plane tickets and lodging) into your house hunting budget.

Go with a Pro

Buying a house in a new and unfamiliar area can be a stressful process. But by buying a new construction home from Perry Hood Properties, you can rest assured that you’ll get a high-quality home in a great neighborhood. We’re one of the most experienced home builders in the Tulsa area and we can help you make this difficult transition.