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Selecting the Home Office Desk For You

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Whether you’re starting from scratch with new furniture for a new office or you’ve found yourself needing to work from home, your desk is where you will be spending a considerable chunk of your time every day. Your desk must suit your work style as well as your taste. In this piece, we’re going to examine how to select the desk best suited for your work and personal style. 

Your Style

Though your desk is primarily the piece of furniture that holds up all of your stuff, it is essential that you enjoy approaching it every day. To make working from home a pleasant experience, keep your own taste in mind when selecting a home desk. Do you like the look of wood? Glass? Stone? All of these options and more are available. You owe it to yourself to take your time to select a desk you don’t mind sliding up to every morning. 

Your Size Needs

When selecting a desk to meet your needs, consider what the optimal size will be. If a desk is too small, you may not have enough space to write a letter, keep your coffee, your computer, and the like. If a desk is too big, you may be more prone to cover it with junk. The desk should also fit within your home workspace without taking over the room. 

Your Utility Needs

It can be easy to forget that a desk is a piece of equipment to be used. Would you find several drawers helpful? How about a desk that can change heights? Are you ever planning on standing at your desk? Would you like to be able to move your desk around the room easily? Keep the utilitarian nature of your office in mind when making your selections. 

Your Work Gadgetry

Some desks are timeless works of art meant to facilitate work with stationary, books, and maybe a typewriter. Other desks are downright space-age in their ability to house electrical ports and wirelessly charge mobile devices. Whichever your speed, your desk should support the tools of your trade. 

How It Works With Your Chair

Your desk and chair are the peanut butter and jelly of your home office—they need to work together. If your desk and chair heights aren’t correctly aligned or even if their styles clash, this can make your remote working experience sub-optimal. Before you purchase a desk for your office, make sure that it compliments your ideal work chair—or lack thereof.

Your Desk’s Position in the Room

If you work from home for hours at a time, the position of your desk in your home office is essential. Having your desk near natural light can help increase a sense of space and enhance your mood. If you’re expecting guests to your office, you may consider facing your desk toward the door. Consider desk placement in your office to keep your office feeling spacious and welcoming.  

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