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4 Advantages of Design-Build Delivery For Home Construction

Deciding to move can be quite stressful. Between the mortgage and the process of moving, it can take its toll. In order to make the home building process easier, many are opting for design-build delivery services. In this process, one company manages the entire home creation process. From design-to-construction, everything is managed by a single entity. In this piece, we’re going to look at four significant advantages of the design-build delivery construction process when building a home.

1. You only have to reach out to one person.

One of the most stressful parts of building a new home is managing the people involved. Between hiring an architect to design your home to hiring a contractor to carry out their plan, simply making sure everyone is on the same page is a huge process to keep from going off the rails. With a design-build delivery process, you only need to talk to one company representative who can guide you all the way through the process. No cat herding necessary.

2. The people building your home are probably old pals.

On some builds, the designer and contractor may have never worked together before. They may be unfamiliar with each other’s work styles, preferences, and even just personality quirks. During a design-build delivery process, there’s a good chance that the designer and construction specialist have worked together on dozens, if not hundreds of projects in the past. If they can nearly finish each other’s sentences, they’ll definitely be able to finish your home efficiently — on time and on budget.

3. The entire team shares the same success criteria.

When the build process of a home is fractured amongst several different specialists, the main concern of each specialist is whatever they happened to work on. During a design-build construction process, the gauge for success is the completion of your house and your happiness. When the people building your home share the same criteria for success, this increases worker morale and leads to a better product. They’re all on the same team — Team You.

4. Your input on the project goes further.

During a traditional build, if you wanted something changed, you may have to express this point to several different specialists working on the project. Each time, your vision could become skewed or possibly not taken to heart. During design-build delivery of a new home, expressing your desires for your new home is as simple as reaching out to your contact with the company. Your input is taken seriously by the entire company and you receive the desired results.

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