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5 Remote Working Office Must-Haves

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Are you forced to work from home due to circumstances beyond your control? Just looking for ways to optimize your home workspace? There are many ways to make the best of your home office. 

1. A Home Office

It may seem like it goes without saying, but the best home workspace is a separate room. While you may feel like your kitchen table, the breakfast nook, or living room coffee table will suffice, you’ll notice a significant boost in productivity if your office is a dedicated place in your house. Not only is this the case for focusing while at work, but also for mentally turning off work after hours. If your favorite leisure spot around the house doubles as your office, you’ll never feel quite like you can leave work behind and relax. If you can’t either close the door behind you as you begin work or close the door after you’re finished for the day, it’s probably not the best workspace for you.


2. The Proper Communication Tools

Depending on the nature of your work, the communications tools needed may vary. If you’re in more of a customer service role, it doesn’t hurt to invest in a decent telephone headset. If conference calls are the norm, a robust speakerphone is excellent. If teleconferencing is your office’s speed, you may need to up your webcam game. Some enjoy using a computer-connected headset while others may prefer a podcasting mic used with headphones. However your office chooses to communicate, lean into that style when it comes to picking out the tools of the talk. 

3. The Power of Tunes

One of the perks is of working from home is having control of the music. If your favorite songs help increase productivity, make sure you have either the right speakers or headphones to last you throughout the day. Tinny speakers or painful headphones can start to drive you crazy after a few hours of use. Avoid earbuds, as hours of wearing these little earworms can result in wax build-up. So, whether they’re cushy headphones or warm speakers, dial in your music game so it can be one less thing to worry about. 

4. An Atmosphere That Inspires Productivity

The condition of the room you choose to make your workspace can have a tremendous impact on your productivity. Before you start work for the day or after you finish, make the conscious effort to remove clutter, laundry, or any mess from your workspace. Instead, create a space that is tidy, focused, and all business. 

5. Ergonomics

You may feel like you can get away with working at a kitchen table with a laptop for hours. Your back, neck, shoulders, and arms will probably disagree with you. When working for home, work as ergonomically as possible. Use an actual office chair designed for hours of work or use a proper standing desk for part of the day. Keep your computer monitors at eye-level. Keep your keyboard and mouse at waist level, below your heart, to keep circulation steady. Your feet should either remain flat on the floor or just slightly elevated—never propped above your waist. These little techniques will keep you feel fresh and productive all day.

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