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5 Signs Your Flip Buy is a Bust

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Buying a flipped home can be a fast lane to a turn-key home. However, because the quicker the flip, the larger the payout, some home flippers may cut corners that don’t show up in the pretty realty pictures. Here are a few telltales signs of a hastily flipped house. 

1. Sloppy Kitchen Remodeling (Where It Counts)

To completely remodel a kitchen takes more than fancy stainless steel appliances and the latest granite countertops. Many flippers attempt to save money in a large kitchen remodel by utilizing existing gas, plumbing, and electric connections, making for a disorderly layout. When looking into a flipped house with a remodeled kitchen, put the fancy surface-level upgrades out of your mind. The real indicators of craftsmanship will be evident once you start opening cabinets and looking under sinks. If it is a jumbled mess, it will likely be an expensive headache down the road. 

2. Botched Floor Remodeling

Problems in the flooring may not be easily detectable in realty photography. When checking out a flipped property, take a closer look in the doorjambs or wherever else the floor connects to something else — such as trim or molding. If you notice a lack of precision or just shotty work, this may be a canary in this coal mine. 

3. Unanswered HVAC, Roof, and Plumbing Questions

Immediately ask about the age of the HVAC system and the last time it was professionally inspected. All of the brushed chrome in the world won’t keep you cool if an old air conditioner fails in the middle of the summer. Also, inquire about the state of the roof. If it hasn’t been given any attention, this can be an immediate expense they were hoping you’d overlook. Do the same with the plumbing. If they really wanted to remodel the home thoroughly, there’s a good chance that the plumbing would require some attention. Because that is usually pretty expensive, they may hope that you’d deal it with once winter comes around.

4. Skimping On Electrical Upgrades

Before you “ooh” and “ah” about the crown molding, wood floors, or claw-foot tubs, you should first be looking at the fuse box. Many home flippers who aren’t licensed electricians will try to flex their DIY muscles where it is not advisable — the power in the house. If anything looks off about the electrical wiring in the house, it will likely result in costly repairs for you to enjoy.

5. Telltale Foundation Issue Clues

Shiny additions will never make up for foundation issues. Before you’re marveled by home theater system, begin your tour by opening and closing doors and windows. Any sticking or difficulties may be a sign of foundation issues. Because a granite island is cheaper than foundation work, many flippers will try to hide these pricy repairs behind impressive distractions. If anything seems off about the foundation, either run away or at least start asking questions. 

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