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6 Ways to Make Your Home Office Less Boring

(4-min read)

Let’s face it; your home office is probably pretty boring. Here’s the good news—it doesn’t have to be. Because this is your own individual space far away from the glance of passing co-workers, you’re free to customize this space to your heart’s content. Let’s take a look at some less-common means of adding personality and thereby comfort to your home office space. 

1. Use Whiteboard/Chalkboard Paint

Depending on whether you prefer chalk or dry-erase markers, painting one or all of the walls of your office with chalkboard paint or whiteboard paint allows for unabashed brainstorming and note-taking. Both fun as well as useful, making the walls of your office a place for your notes is a great way to make your home office uniquely “you.” Our only warning about this technique is to make sure that you don’t write anything you’ll regret when you’re on a video conference call. 

2. You Decide What is Considered “Office” Furniture

When it comes to office furniture, most of us are used to snap-together pieces of particle board and clunky cabinets. The reason for this strictly practical nature of most office nature is because it needs to meet the needs of every employee. Well, at your home office, the furniture only needs to meet your needs. So, whether or not your desk is a laminated block of particleboard, an antique door you’re laying across two bike racks, or a cool old vanity is totally up to you. 

3. Experiment With Lighting 

One of the most refreshing aspects of working from home is staying “so long” to working under harsh fluorescent lighting. Now that you’re free of this, what kind of lighting options will you opt for? Natural light? Hanging LEDs? Floor lamps? Feel free to do your research, try out different styles, and go nuts. 

4. Develop Various Work Stations

You likely feel different in the morning than you do in the afternoon. Who’s to say that working in the same environment is necessary? To lean into your different moods throughout the day, design a few different work stations ready to utilize your energy best. Consider having a space dedicated to morning work, a nook devoted to answering email, a chair where you make calls, etc. When you assign each of these spaces a specific kind of work, you can better focus your mind on those types of tasks. 

5. Free Up Floor Space With Floating Shelves

An office with cabinets nestled in the corners of the room feels tiny. If you’re even the slightest bit handy, the world of floating shelves awaits. With the installation of just a handful of floating shelves, you can be on your way to free corners ready for a five o’clock dance party. 

6. Make This Your Space

Even if you work for a company from home, your home office is your space—your space to be your most creative, your most focused, your most productive, and your most energetic. Take a little while to decide what kind of space you want to spend hours of your working days. Put aside what other people think is good and decide for yourself. Which colors make you feel the most optimistic? Which furniture textures put you at ease? Which decorations inspire you to push through and extract your best work? Once you’ve decided which of these attributes encourages you to be your best self, design the office of your dreams. There’s a good chance that it’s within your grasp. 

Need Help Building That Office? We Can Help. 

Now that you’ve had a little bit of time to consider the home office of your dreams, now its time to make it a reality. While some of us can create this space with the area we currently possess, others will need the help of a home construction professional. If you require the assistance of a home construction expert in the Greater Tulsa area, look no further than Perry Hood Properties.