How to Sell Your House in the Spring


It’s no secret that Spring is typically the best time to sell a home. The holidays are finally over, so people actually have time to look, the weather is prime to make the lawn and landscaping look great, and the school year will be over soon, so parents can buy without uprooting their kids mid-school year.

Combine all those factors with the low interest rates we’re seeing right now, and it’s a great time to sell. However, selling a house is never a cake walk no matter how good the market is. We know anyone looking for a new construction home in Tulsa will have to sell their current home first, so we put together a quick list of how to sell your home in Spring.

Invest in Landscaping– This time of year makes landscaping a no brainer. Make sure the lawn is mowed, weeds are pulled, and fresh flowers are planted. If your thumb isn’t so green, it may be worth hiring a professional landscaper to do the dirty work for you.

First Impression– A home listing will never get more views in a single day than the first day it’s listed. With the steaks this high, you can’t afford to blow this first impression. Make sure the pictures are perfect and the price is right before your home goes live on the market.

Aim for Thursday– Speaking of listing your home, studies have shown that homes listed on Thursdays will sell faster. No one is exactly certain why this happens, but we’re guessing it’s because most buyers look on the weekends, so they start looking online on Thursdays. Regardless of the reason, it’s an easy step to take to increase the odds of a fast sale.

Be Realistic– Yes, it can be a seller’s market this time of year, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to be unrealistic about price and timeframe. You still need to list your home at a fair price and be ready to wait it out.

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