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How to Transform a Bedroom into a Home Office

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Becoming an empty nester can be emotionally challenging. While you may enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with fewer people living in your house, it can be tempting to keep grown children’s bedrooms just as they left them. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn this space into a functional office? Today, we’re going to discuss how to transform a bedroom into a dedicated home office. 

Start from Scratch

Many make the mistake of merely throwing a desk in the corner of an existing bedroom and calling it an office. Keeping elements of a bedroom in your new office space will hamper your ability to think of the area as an office as long as it still feels like a cozy bedroom. To make the space as functional as possible, both functionally and mentally, start from scratch. Treat the space not what it is but rather what it could be. 

An excellent way to start fresh is to strip it bare. Completely empty the room of furniture, decorations, and anything that identifies what it once was. Consider painting the walls a color that inspires focus and productivity. Take measurements and build a floorplan to scale. When planning what furniture and other elements to bring into the space, only add items that will facilitate focused work. 

Dedicate the Space

One of the most challenging aspects of getting work done from home is getting into the proper mindset. While the prospect of working from home on the couch in your pajamas sounds nice, few remote workers do so. Blurring the lines of home and work be detrimental to focus. To combat this, dedicate the space to getting work done. Here are a few more tips for setting the area apart for work: 

  • Make sure the space has a door, possibly even one that locks. Consider adding a “do not disturb” door hanger to use when trying to maintain focus.
  • Only bring in items that inspire rather than tranquilize. Hang up your certifications, degrees, or achievements on the walls while keeping scented candles away.
  • Assign duties to your furniture. Have a chair that’s only for sitting in to do business. Keep home-like items off of your desk. Stock a bookshelf with books related to your industry. 
  • Keep TVs out of your office. You probably wouldn’t have a TV in your office at work. Don’t include them in your home office. 

Keep the Utilities in Mind

When setting up your home office, keep in mind the location of electrical outlets and HVAC vents. Keeping wiring around the room to a minimal will allow you to remain more focused. Noisey vents or papers being blown off of your desk will only distract you.

Plan for Home Noise

Because this office is within your home and not in a business park designed for work, keep residential noises in mind. It may not be a bad idea to look into some sound-dampening if your office is near a noisier living room or entertainment room. If there’s no way around noise, consider installing a stereo system in your office or invest in noise-canceling headphones. 

Consider Your Light Sources

If you like to work in the sunlight, consider positioning your desk or other workspaces near a window. If this isn’t possible, consider installing a light fixture above your desk that will do the trick. Being able to tweak the lighting to your liking is just one of the many perks of a home office. 

Keep Additional Furniture Multifunctional

If your office needs to double as guest quarters from time to time, make sure to keep the guest-related furniture multifunctional. Determine what percentage of time the space will be used for what purpose and plan the layout of the room accordingly. No sense in keeping a king-sized bed in a room will only be used five days a year. Consider using Murphy beds or sofa beds that can fold out at a moment’s notice rather than a permanent bed. 

Warn Your Kids

You may be gung-ho to turn your grown child’s bedroom into your personal business center, and that’s your prerogative, but keep them updated on your intent and the progress. It can be somewhat jarring for a child in college to come home for a visit only to find their childhood bedroom wholly transformed into your command center.

Not enough room for a home office? Perhaps it’s time for a new space.

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