Keeping Electric Bills Low When Temperatures are High

The Oklahoma Summer is finally here and it’s not messing around this year. With triple digit temps in the forecast, homeowners need to be smart if they hope to avoid skyrocketing electric bills. Thankfully, there are a few simple steps any homeowner can take to reign in the cost of utilities.

Change the Air Filters

For optimal performance from your AC unit, air filters need to be changed every three months. When filters go unchanged, they get clogged up, which makes it harder for the AC unit to get the air it needs. If you’re especially forgetful and want an easy way to remember to change the filters, sign up for Filter Easy. They ship you new filters every three months, so you’ll never forget!

Program the Thermostat

There’s no sense (or cents) in paying for the AC to run when you’re not home. By programming the thermostat to kick off when you leave for work, you can save a surprising amount. These thermostats can also be programmed to turn back on before you come home so your home is just as comfortable as when you left.

Use Appliances at Night When Possible

Appliances like dishwashers and dryers create heat when they run. To avoid adding this heat to the equation during peak hours, try running the appliances at night when it’s cooler outside. This will help your AC unit not work so hard during times when electricity is in high demand.

Plant Some Trees

Shade from the sun can make it feel 10-15 degrees cooler. While you don’t want too many big trees close to your home, having a few trees to cast shade on your home can greatly reduce the need for air conditioning.