Your Home’s Fall Preparation Checklist

Leaves on roof

There are still plenty of hot days left in summer, but it’s already time to start preparing your home for the fall. Tackling these issues while it’s still warm out can potentially save you from costly repairs down the road. Here’s a quick checklist of fall preparation to ensure your home is ready for the changing seasons.

  • Clean the gutters

There’s a reason this is such a familiar chore for homeowners. Gutters are responsible for keeping water away from your home’s exterior and foundation. If they’re full of leaves and debris, water drains off your roof and down your siding, which can cause rapid deterioration. Water consistently draining down the side of your home can also cause foundation issues. Since there will be plenty of leaves falling soon, clean your gutters now. It’s also a great time to look into mesh guards that can help keep debris out of the gutters.

  • Locate drafts

As the weather turns cooler, it becomes increasingly important for your home to be well-sealed. Gaps in caulk and weather stripping cause your heating bills to be significantly higher and make it more difficult to effectively keep your home comfortable. These materials aren’t expensive to replace, but they wear out over time. Be sure to invest in closing up any areas where are is being let in now and enjoy a much more comfortable fall and winter.

  • Check the roof

The fall brings rains, falling leaves and falling limbs. It can be hard on your roof. Problems can occur quickly if your roof is already in need of repair. Take some time now to check the quality of your shingles, and look for other potential problems. Fixing them will prevent leaks and help lower your utility bills. These repairs could also save you from major problems when leaves and limbs start to fall.

  • Prepare outside faucets

Most of us stay vigilant when the weather gets cold to keep indoor pipes from freezing. The same attention is rarely paid to outdoor faucets, however. But, these outdoor faucets freeze easily and can cause real headaches. When you finish with your outdoor faucets this year, drain the line as much as possible, disconnect hoses and invest in faucet covers when needed.

  • Furnace inspection

Before the weather gets too hot in the spring or summer, it’s a good idea to have your air conditioner checked. The same goes for your furnace in the fall. You’d hate to turn on your furnace for the first time and discover that it isn’t working properly. There are also health and fire concerns over a malfunctioning furnace. You can do some simple inspections yourself, but it’s best to trust a professional to not only look over your furnace, but to help ensure it’s working efficiently for the upcoming cold weather.

It’s also a great time to check the batteries in smoke and CO2 detectors and change your home’s air filters. By following these tips, you’ll have a much happier fall.

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