Kitchen Decor Styles

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It can’t just look good, it must be able to give you the ability to prep, cook, and clean easily and efficiently. That being said, a kitchen needs to look good too. When it comes to picking a kitchen décor style, you’ve got a lot of options, and it can get overwhelming. To help you sort through the mess we put together this handy list of kitchen décor styles.


Thanks to that lovable couple down in Waco, farmhouse has seen a spike in popularity recently. Warm and comfortable colors are calling cards of a farmhouse kitchen, along with open shelving, single basin sinks, and big wooden kitchen tables.


Sleek metals, frameless cabinets, and minimalist hardware are three common components of a modern kitchen. There are lots of different variations of a modern kitchen, so it can be a little hard to define sometimes.


For those who want a less bold option, traditional kitchens offer arches, decorative molding, and furniture legs. Lots of woods in natural tones, natural stone counter tops, and maybe even a chandelier are commonly seen in traditional kitchens.


Somewhere between traditional and modern, a transitional kitchen gives you the best of both worlds. Using the comfortable tones and feelings of a traditional kitchen and the more exciting finishes and details of a modern kitchen, transitional kitchens are a great option for spouses who may have opposing design tastes.


If you were to take a traditional kitchen and substitute warm earth tones for white, you would end up with a classic kitchen. These kitchens aren’t necessarily trendy, but they will stand the test of time and look good for years to come.

Kitchen styles can be hard to define, as you rarely encounter a kitchen that is a pure example of just one style. Generally, you get a mix of a few different styles rolled together to make the perfect kitchen for the homeowner. No matter what your preferred style is, we can help build your dream kitchen in your dream home.

Why You Should Work with a Custom Home Builder

Custom Home Builder

If you have your heart set on building a new home from scratch, you’ll to pick one of three options: build it with your bare hands, hire an architect and coordinate all the contractors, or work with a custom home builder. The first option requires an amount of know-how and elbow grease few have, so we can probably strike it from the list. This leaves us with two viable options.

While coordinating all the subcontractors and working directly with the architect might sound like a fun cost-saving method, it rarely pans out the way homeowners originally intended. Working with a custom home builder, however, has several upsides.

More Bang for Your Buck

By working with a custom home builder, you get access to an entire team of home building specialists. Architects, designers, and contractors will all be standing at the ready whenever you have questions or ideas. This saves an incredible amount of time by cutting out the back and forth, which saves you money.

A Project Manager

Best of all, you won’t have to worry about managing this team because the home builder will take care of that. A good home builder will have long-standing relationships with all the necessary parties involved in building a home. This gives you one point of contact instead of having to play phone tag with everyone.

Quality Control 

Building a custom home is certainly an investment, and one you’ll want to have for a while. Having a home builder on your side gives you the assurance of quality control. With a quick walk through, a home builder can see if all the materials and methods are up to par. This kind of spot check is something you couldn’t do by yourself.

At Perry Hood Properties, we’ve been helping homeowners build the best custom homes in the greater Tulsa area since 1981. We have relationships with the best designers, architects, and subcontractors in the business. It would be our pleasure to help you build your next custom home.

5 Moving Hacks You Need to Know

The joy of buying a new house is often overshadowed by the stress of having to move. No one looks forward to packing everything they own in boxes, paying for a moving truck, and then having to unload and find a way to recreate the home they decorated over many years. All this without breaking the family’s fine china set.

However, with a little planning, you can move stress-free.

Plan Ahead– Don’t wait until the last minute, start packing as soon as you close on your new home. In an ideal world, everything but a fresh set of moving clothes should be packed away and carefully labeled long before the moving truck is in the driveway.

Color Code– Pick a color to represent each room of the house and use this color system when packing boxes. You can use different colored tape, stickers, or just markers to denote which room the box should go to. This saves a ton of time when unloading and lets any helpers know where they need to put each box.

Get a Sitter– Kids can make for great free labor if they’re old enough, but if they’re too young to carry a box they’ll likely be cause for added stress. If this is the case for your family, budget for a sitter to take your kids to the park or the pool while you move.

Make the Bed First– Once all the boxes are off the truck, the first thing you should do is set up the beds. Get all the frames put together and unpack the sheets. Unloading boxes can be exhausting and once you hit the wall having your bed ready to go will be a huge relief.

Plan and Pack– Remember that whatever goes on the truck first will come off last. So if you know you need certain items as soon as you get to the new house, pack those last. Things like children’s toys, pet food, and any tools for assembling furniture are items you may want ASAP.

Moving doesn’t have to be a chaotic chore if you can plan ahead and use a few tricks. If you’re in the market for a new custom built home, call Perry Hood Properties. We have decades of experience building the best new construction homes in the greater Tulsa area.